Alcian Blue

Alcian Blue were DC’s best underground shoegaze act from the late 90’s to early 2000’s. Formed from DC’s loudest band Wintermute, Alcian Blue brought beautiful switling melodies together with blistering guitars and driving beats. When drummer Clark left to join the airforce, Alcian Blue added Kim on guitars and vocals and a drum machine for their beats. Then, in early 2006 the band broke splitting off into two new acts Vacuole Eyes and Screen Vinyl Image.


Alcian Blue (Elephant Stone) 2006
“You Just Disappear” (Safranin Sound) 2005
Fall Behind EP (Safranin Sound) 2004
Silver’s Sleep Walk (Safranin Sound) 2004
Translucent EP (Safranin Sound) 2004
Angelica Take Me Down (Safranin Sound) 2003
Slow Colorless Stare (Safranin Sound) 2001

Washington Post
Somewhere Cold