The Volta Sound

Cleveland, Ohio’s The Volta Sound’s drew considerable praise for their mind blowing live performances and two full-length releases on Orange Sky Records as well as a sparkling EP and a limited edition rarities compilation on Elephant Stone. Fred Mills of Magnet wrote: “Taut dynamics, stoned vocals and fluid organ/fretboard drone locate the Volta Sound in the vicinity of the Warlocks or Brian Jonestown Massacre. Such comparisons are further illuminated on the five-song Fast Light With Radio Signal, thanks to a hypnotic live reprisal of the first album’s “Zen Is Everywhere” and the fuzztone-draped space rock of “Sleepy Crunchy. ” It’s the proverbial “take a trip with us” rock aesthetic, one clearly suggested when, on The Yin And The Yang, the sound of a NASA countdown slowly becomes audible deep in the mix. Yes, gentlemen, we do have liftoff.” Their release on Orange Sky, Dandelion Wine, found the group in a more mellow ’60s sunshine pop vein somewhere in-between prime time Donovan and The Velvet’s circa Loaded. The makeup of The Volta Sound has changed over the years.

My All American Girl (Orange Sky) 2002
Fast Light With Radio Signal: (Elephant Stone) 2002
This Is The Yin and The Yang (Orange Sky) 2003
Cuts: 2000-2004 (Elephant Stone) 2004
Dandelion Wine (Orange Sky) October 2004

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