The Out Crowd

Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Matt Hollywood, the former co-songwriter and co-founder of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, fans of mid-’60s Kinks, Stones, and Byrds will fall in love with The Out Crowd’s edgy and infectious pop sound, heightened by Dandy Warhols’ producer Gregg Willliams’ immaculate production. Based in Portland, Oregon, drummer Stuart Valentine was a four-year member of alt-country act Richmond Fontaine before recording solo material. Guitarist Elliott Barnes, started The Out Crowd and was joined by Sarah Jane on guitar and tambourine, and Zedekiah Lost on bass.


The Big Takeover raved: “Portland, OR’s Out Crowd makes music that reaches for the sky, going for those heavenly ideas just out of reach. Building off the great Psych foundations of LA pop, (Byrds, Love, Rain Parade,) one moment and a Stonesy Velvets base the next, they push themselves to the creative max, with a sound that is always clean and aggressive. But don’t think its urgent-style Punk, instead its Rock from a bunch who remain in control even as they go for broke…” Be sure to check out Matt, who plays a prominent role in the Sundance award-winning documentary Dig!, which chronicles his old band BJM and their friends/rivals The Dandy Warhols.

Go On, Give A Damn (Elephant Stone) 2003
Then I Saw The Holy City (The Kora) 2004