The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod, who consist of Ant Walker on guitar and Dave Battersby on bass, hail from Cheltenham in the UK and have had four full-length albums released to date, each on Ochre Records. Reality Channel is the group’s first US release; an essential compilation of their best Ochre material, including several previously unreleased bonus tracks. Skyscraper writes, “Those who appreciate the lush, spacious, minimalist, psychedelic tapestries of Windy and Carl, Roy Montgomery, and A.M.P., or the space rock of Füxa and Jessamine, should check this out… The disc is full of delayed, simple guitar melodies repeated and subtly alternated over shimmering, ambient backdrops, sometimes bringing to mind classic Spacemen 3 tracks like “Come Down Softly To My Soul, “Honey,” and “How Does It Feel.”


Translucent (Ochre) 1999
Timeless Point (Ochre) 2000
Mont Ventoux mini-album. (Silber) 2001
Archive:02 (Ochre) 2002
Inducing The Sleep Sphere (Ochre) 2002
Reality Channel (Elephant Stone) 2003
Colli De Pedona mini-album (Silly Boy) 2003