Outrageous Cherry

Detroit’s Outrageous Cherry have released critically acclaimed records on an assortment of cool labels such as Third Gear, Bar None, Del-Fi, Poptones UK, Rainbow Quartz, and Alive. They were also a huge favorite of mine when I published Vendetta Magazine, garnering two extensive interviews. Fronted by Matthew Smith on vocals and guitar, (you may recognize him from the documentary “A Band Called Death”) Outrageous Cherry has been compared to the likes of The Velvet Underground, Shadows of Knight, and on their more psychedelic material, Hawkwind. Heather Phares of All Music Guide writes: “While their sound evokes a host of garage-psych bands, from ’60s originators to ’80s revivalists, Outrageous Cherry’s affection for this kind of music and their experimental touches make their albums a bit like a jukebox full of forgotten hits, and a bit like a time machine with its controls set for the past and the future.” Elephant Stone is proud to release the group’s “I’ve Been Obsessed” 7″, which contains two sparkling tracks that will not appear anywhere else.

“Pale Frail Lovely One” 7″ (Third Gear) 1993
Outrageous Cherry (Bar None) 1994
Stereo Action Rent Party (Third Gear) 1996
X-Rays In The Cloudmine (Mind Expansion) 1997
Nothing’s Gonna Cheer You Up (Third Gear) 1997
Out There In The Dark (Del-Fi) 1999
The Book of Spectral Projections (Rainbow Quartz) 2001
Supernatural Equinox (Rainbow Quartz) 2003
“I’ve Been Obsessed”7″ (Elephant Stone) 2003
Our Love Will Change The World (Rainbow Quartz) 2004
Why Don’t We Talk About Someone Else EP (Rainbow Quartz) 2004
Stay Happy (Rainbow Quartz) 2006
Universal Malcontents (Alive) 2009
Seemingly Solid Reality (Alive) 2010